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Roles and Responsibilities of NDA of Bangladesh: Getting Ready for the Green Climate Fund

The objective of the workshop ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF NDA OF BANGLADESH: GETTING READY FOR THE GREEN CLIMATE FUND was to inform participants on the Green Climate Fund, National Designated Authority (NDA) and National Implementing Entity (NIE). The GCF is expected provide significant amounts of funds for climate change activities and thus policy makers within the GoB need to be informed and involved in the process. The process was led through increased involvement of government officials from different relevant ministries to enhance country ownership and intra-governmental coordination. At the end of the workshop, suggestions of how to go upon the identification of a NDA and NIE were expected. The workshops acted as a platform to initiate the dialogue within the relevant ministries. Furthermore, it intended to develop a roadmap on the identification and selection process of the NDA and NIE in Bangladesh. The  workshop was  supported by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).


The workshop was with high-level officials, in order to involve decision makers at the policy and implementing level to be better informed and involved in the process of identifying the NDA and NIE. The participants of the workshop were:



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Discussion on NDA selection process for Bangladesh - Process

Step 1: Three sub-groups reviewed the institutional capacities needed by NDAs:

  • Knowledge of national priorities, strategies, and plans
  • Contribute to and drive national development strategies and plans
  • Familiarity with mitigation and adaptation efforts and needs
  • Familiarity with relevant institutions and stakeholders in the country
  • Facilitate and coordinate country coordination mechanisms and multi‐stakeholder engagement
  • Monitor and evaluate in accordance with relevant Fund guidelines
  • Overview of other relevant international funding mechanisms and institutions


Step 2: The groups considered which Ministry could be the best fit against each institutional capacity - and what capacity-building and readiness support might be needed


Results  of the discussion on NDA selection process for Bangladesh

  • Most groups identified multiple Ministries being relevant against the  different capacities,
  • Possible NDAs were identified as MOEF, ERD, GED, Planning Commission, Finance, MOFA.
  • Shahin Islam, Joint Secretary was persuasive towards ERD being the NDA, as it has the official mandate towards external resource mobilisation.
  • There must be a strong internal coordinating process for the NDA to ensure that all relevant Ministries were involved in the execution of NDA duties.
  • Capacity-building against every NDA capacity was judged necessary, for example:
  • ensuring policies were consistent with international framework
  • mainstreaming climate change
  • financial/investment needs assessment
  • sectoral assessment of mitigation needs and climate risks
  • community engagement in mitigation and adaptation needs assessment
  • monitoring and evaluation
  • project preparation
  • negotiation skills development
  • development of platform for internal networking
Roles and Responsibilities of National Designated Authority (NDA) of Bangladesh Roles and Responsibilities of National Designated Authority (NDA) of Bangladesh Roles and Responsibilities of National Designated Authority (NDA) of Bangladesh