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About NDA

In November 2014, the Economics Relations Division (ERD) under the Ministry of Finance was nominated by the Government of Bangladesh to be the National Designated Authority (NDA) to the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

The NDA serves as the core interface and focal point of communication between Bangladesh and the Green Climate Fund. The NDA seeks to ensure that activities supported by GCF align with strategic national objectives and priorities, and help advance ambitious action on adaptation and mitigation in line with national needs.

Core mandates and responsibilities of the NDA are to:

  • Provide broad strategic oversight of the Funds’ activities in Bangladesh – This includes ensuring alignment with national sustainable development objectives and frameworks including climate strategies and policies, e.g. National Adaptation Programmes of Action (NAPA), Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs), National Adaptation Plans (NAPs),etc. The Fund’s readiness programme is able to provide support to develop or strengthen such strategic frameworks, and develop country programmes to identify strategic priorities for engagement with the Fund.

  • Convene relevant public, private and civil society stakeholders to identify priority sectors to be financed by the Fund. Stakeholders include other relevant government entities at national and sub-national levels; civil society; project developers; private sector actors; financial institutions; and communities, including vulnerable groups, women and indigenous peoples, who will be affected by the Fund’s activities. NDAs and focal points are encouraged to consult such stakeholders in preparing their country programmes.

  • Communicate nomination letters to entities (sub-national, national or regional, public and private) seeking accreditation to the fund under the ‘direct access’ – A key responsibility of the NDA is to engage with potential, public, private sector and non-governmental entities in the country and nominate such entities for accreditation to the Fund. Applications from these entities wishing to become accredited via the direct access track need to be accompanied by a nomination letter from the NDA. To learn about the procedures for nomination of prospective NIEs, please visit here

  • Implement the no-objection procedure on funding proposals submitted to the Fund, to ensure consistency of funding proposals with national climate change plans and priorities. – The no-objection letter is provided to GCF by the NDA, in conjunction with any submission of a funding proposal by an accredited entity of the Fund. In case a proposal is submitted without the no-objection letter, GCF will notify the NDA or focal point and will only submit the proposal to the GCF Board if the no-objection is received within 30 days of the notification. Otherwise, the proposal will be suspended and the accredited entity notified. To learn about the no-objection procedures for funding proposals, please visit here

  • Provide leadership on the deployment of readiness and preparatory support funding in the country – The NDA may directly benefit from the funding or select international, regional, national and sub-national, public, private or non-governmental institutions, well-versed in readiness activities as their delivery partners. The Fund may also deploy readinesss and preparatory support to prospective sub-national or regional entities seeking accreditation with the Fund to prepare them to apply for accreditation, and to accredited entities to develop project and programme pipelines.
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