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Advisory Committee

Here is a list of the Advisory Committee members of NDA

Si. No. Name of Stakeholders
1 Secretary of ERD
2 GED, Planning Commission
3 Programming Division, Planning Commission
4 Socio-Economic Infrastructure Division, Planning Commission
5 Physical Infrastructure Division, Planning Commission
6 Industry & Energy Division, Planning Commission
7 Agriculture, Water Resources and Rural Institution, Planning Commission
8 Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
9 Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Division
10 Ministry of Women and Children Affairs
11 Dr. Qazi Khaliquzzaman Ahmad, Environment Specialist
12 Dr. AinunNishat, Environment Specialist
13 Dr. Mizan R. Khan , Environment Specialist
14 Dr. SaleemulHuq, Environment Specialist
15 Ms. Selima Ahmed, Chairman, BWCCI
16 A.H.M. Rezaul Kabir, Secretary General, DCCI
17 Ms. Farah Kabir, Country Director, Action Aid Bangladesh
18 Additional Secretary UN Wing
19 Additional Secretary UN Wing Chief
20 Joint Secretary (UN-1), ERD
21 Deputy Secretary (UN-5), ERD
22 Chief Conservator of Forest, Forest Department
23 DG, Bangladesh Climate Change Trust
24 Mirza Shawkat Ali, Director, DoE
25 Md. ZiaulHaq, Director, DoE
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