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Extended Community Climate Change Project (ECCCP)

Accredited Entity: Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF)

Due to climate change, Bangladesh is facing unpredicted floods in central floodplain, flash floods in norther eastern haor basin, increased salinity in the coastal zone and prolonged droughts in north west Barind Tract which negatively affect agriculture, aquaculture, water resources and over all livelihood including health of the people living in these climate hot-spot areas. The proposed project is built on the CCCP which aims to increase resilience of the people living in these climate hot-spot ecosystems. The CCCP was implemented in three risks zones which include flood, drought and salinity. The extended CCCP is proposed to include flash-flood affected haor area instead of salinity risk zone because several projects are approaching to GCF in the salinity affected coastal zone. The project will be implemented in participation with vulnerable community through around 20 NGOs to be selected during implementation based on some criteria. A participatory result based monitoring framework will be developed and implemented to measure achievement of the goal and objectives of the project.

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