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GCF Investment Framework

Accredited Entities are expected to develop its funding proposal with due consideration of GCF's investment criteria and the applicable and relevant activity-specific sub-criteria and indicative assessment factors. In the formulation of the proposal, the Accredited Entity is expected to respond to all six of the investment criteria but only the applicable and relevant sub-criteria and indicative assessment factors. Not all activity-specific sub-criteria and indicative assessment factors will be applicable or relevant for every proposal.

Criterion Description

Impact Potential

Potential of the programme/project to contribute to the achievement of the fund’s objective and result areas, i.e. transformational change

Paradigm Shift potential

Degree to which the proposed activity can catalyze impact beyond a one-off project or programme investment

Sustainable Development potential

Wider benefits and priorities, including environmental, social and economic co-benefits as well as gender-sensitive development impact

Responsive to recipient needs

Vulnerability and financing needs of the beneficiary country and population in the targeted group

Promote country ownership

Beneficiary country ownership of and capacity to implement a funded project or programme (policies, climate strategies and institutions)

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Economic and, if appropriate, financial soundness of the programme/project, and for mitigation specific programmes/projects, cost-effectiveness and co-financing


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