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Step-by-Step Guide: Receiving Project Preparation Support

The process of receiving project preparation support consists of the following key steps:

1. PPF Application Development

Project Preparation Facility requests are developed by the accredited entity/NIE in collaboration with the country's NDA/focal point, and with guidance from the GCF Secretariat

2. Submit a PPF Application

Applications are submitted by the accredited entity/NIE, using the Project Preparation Funding Application Form.

It is optional to first submit a concept note before applying for PPF support. If a concept note or draft funding proposal for the underlying project has already been submitted to the GCF, the last section of the PPF proposal template can be left blank.

Submitted documents comprise:

  • PPF application
  • No objection letter for PPF from the NDA or focal point
  • Project information (in the form of a concept note, or a funding proposal, or a completion of the annex in the PPF application)

Applications can be sent:

3. Review and Approve

The request is reviewd by the GCF Secretariat and the Executive Director may decide to approve the request on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Assessment against the GCF investment criteria
  • Justification of needs
  • Consistency with relevant GCF policies.

4. Grant Agreement and Disbursal

Following approval of a PPF request, legal arrangements are formalized in the form of a grant agreement with the grant recipient which include and incorporate the Standard Conditions.

To render the grant agreement effective, a legal opinion on the agreement needs to be communicated to the GCF Secretariat. The grant recipient must also submit a Letter of Authorization to confirm that authorized/designated officers may submit requests for disbursements under the grant agreement. Such a letter must be accompanied with evidence to verify the signatures of the officers (for example, copy of passport personal information page).

The GCF Secretariat will then notify the grant recipient on the effectiveness of the legal arrangements. This date will generally be at the start of the relevant quarter

Once the legal arrangements are in place and come into effect, the GCF Secretariat releases the first tranche of funding. PPF resources are received to the bank account of the signing party of the grant agreement.

5. Implementation, Monitoring and Reporting

The Accredited Entity (grant recipient) will be responsible for the implementation of the activities upon approval.

The PPF activities implemented by the entity will be subject to the monitoring and evaluation procedures of the GCF, and the frequency of reporting will be agreed in the PPF request approved by the GCF.

Each approved PPF request will be disclosed on the GCF website upon approval, and the GCF Secretariat will report at each Board meeting on the pipeline of PPF requests received, approved and under implementation.

6. Submission of Project Proposal to the Board

Projects developed using funding from the PPF has to be submitted to the GCF Board within two years from the approval date for the PPF request. Upon failure to submit by this deadline, sufficient justification will need to be provided for an extension.

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