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Formulation and Advancement of the National Adaptation Plan Process in Bangladesh

To transition from urgent to long term sustained investment planning in climate change adaptation, Bangladesh has prepared a “Roadmap for Developing a National Adaptation Plan for Bangladesh”, issued by the Ministry of Environment and Forests in 2015. This NAP Roadmap identifies steps, priority sectors and thematic areas and results required and emphasizes the iterative nature of adaptation planning. In March 2017, this NAP Roadmap was re-visited in a national stocktaking and consultation meeting organized by the government (supported jointly by UNDP and GIZ) and reaffirmed with more detailed discussions. The NAP Roadmap is fully compatible with climate change adaptation priorities in Bangladesh’s Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC).

The objective of this project is to formulate the Bangladesh National Adaptation Plan with a focus on long term adaptation investment and enhancing national capacity for integration of climate change adaptation in planning, budgeting and financial tracking processes. This GCF NAP readiness support project will achieve this objective through four inter-related outcomes:

  • Outcome 1: Strengthened institutional coordination and climate change information and knowledge management for medium- to long-term planning
  • Outcome 2: Adaptation options appraised and prioritized and National Adaptation Plan formulated
  • Outcome 3: Climate risk informed decision making tools developed and piloted by planning and budget departments at national and sectoral levels
  • Outcome 4: Nationally appropriate adaptation investments tracking mechanism set up and financial plan for mid- and long-term CCA implementation prepared.

The Ministry of Environment and Forests, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning and key personnel working on Climate Change Adaptation relevant programming in water resources, agriculture and food security, coastal zones, and urban habitation (the “priority sectors”) will be the beneficiaries of this project.

Project Information

Approval Date
February 2018
Starting Date
08 February 2015

Investment Data

$2.81 m

Total Project Investment

Financed by:
GCF Commitment
USD 2,805,990.00
GoB Commitment
Other Commitment
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