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Strategic Frameworks for Engagement with the Fund, including the Preparation of Country Programme

Under GCF’s Readiness Area 2: Strategic Frameworks for engagement with the Fund, including the preparation of country programmes, the NDA is expected to develop the following activities to ensure development of a sound country programme:

  1. Review and understanding of Bangladesh’s ‘low carbon and climate resilient development’-relevant plans and frameworks that includes Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan(BCCSAP), 7thFive Year Plan, the institutional and policy framework for climate change and of the relevant plans and strategies, with a view to identifying transformational investment opportunities in accordance with GCF’s Investment Framework and Result Management Framework;
  2. Strengthening/up-scaling the country coordination mechanism for GCF related activities particularly to implement Bangladesh’s programming priorities;
  3. Identifying opportunities to involve the private sector, including micro, small and medium enterprises, and leveraging their ability to implement Bangladesh’s programming priorities; Clarifying the roles of prospective public and private sector entities in implementing Bangladesh’s programming priorities with respect to GCF;
  4. Developing clear metrics to screen project proposals for GCF submission, based on policies and strategies of the Government of Bangladesh, GCF and other global commitments;
  5. Developing a robust Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system in order to track progress, assess outcome/impact and to ensure accountability for use of resources. The Ministry of Planning’s Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED) can be a partner in this venture.

The NDA may add other elements of the country program and will also undertake consultations with stakeholders, in accordance with the GCF’s defined scope of work on developing strategic frameworks (See Annex II) including the preparation of country programmes.

Project Information

Approval Date
October 2015
Starting Date
25 October 2015

Investment Data

$150 k

Total Project Investment

Financed by:
GCF Commitment
USD 150,000.00
GoB Commitment
Other Commitment
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