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Support for Accreditation of Direct Access Entities

The request is to provide in‐kind support for accreditation gap assessment of Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) .With an annual turnover of $ 1.3 billion, LGED is one of the largest public sector organizations in Bangladesh, entrusted for planning and implementation of local level infrastructure development programs. LGED is one of the agency works under Local Government Division (LGD) of Ministry of Local Government Rural Development and Cooperative (MoLGRD&C).

Climate change is a critical development issue for Bangladesh. LGED has taken up number of projects, supported by both government fund and project aid, to build infrastructure that are resilient to climate change effects. The mentionable ongoing projects include Emergency 2007 Cyclone Recovery and Restoration Project, and Multipurpose Disaster Shelter Project supported by World Bank; Coastal Climate Resilient Infrastructure Improvement Project, and Coastal Town Environmental Infrastructure Project supported by ADB and KfW; Climate Change Adaptation Project funded by Danida. As there is huge unmet demand, international financing will be one of the key measures to narrow down the gap.

Support from GCF will help LGED shift from ad‐hoc project based approach to a systematic integration of climate issues into its infrastructure planning, and implementation. As LGED deals with local level infrastructures this type of mainstreaming will also help LGED to enhance building resilient infrastructure which will ultimately benefit vulnerable communities.

Project Information

Approval Date
September 2016
Starting Date
25 September 2016

Investment Data

$34.62 k

Total Project Investment

Financed by:
GCF Commitment
USD 34,620.00
GoB Commitment
Other Commitment
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