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Extended Community Climate Change Project-Flood (ECCCP-Flood)

Flooding in Bangladesh, while common and seasonal, is projected to increase in both frequency and intensity resulting from climate change. Increased flooding will require additional investments to reduce the impacts of climate variability and extreme events.

This project focuses on community-led and gender-sensitive adaptation. Based in five flood-prone districts, it will prioritise female-led households. It is based on consultative adaptation models which have already proved to be successful.

Project Information

Approval Date
November 2019
Starting Date
21 May 2020
Ending Date
30 November 2023
Executing Entity

Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation

Investment Data

$13 m

Total Project Investment

Financed by:
GCF Commitment
USD 9,700,000.00
GoB Commitment
USD 3,300,000.00
Other Commitment
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