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Global Clean Cooking Program – Bangladesh

Removing barriers in the development of a sustainable market for the adoption of improved cook stoves in Bangladesh.

About 66 percent of Bangladesh' population live in rural areas, where women predominantly do the cooking using traditional, wood fueled stoves. Burning wood for cooking releases carbon dioxide, methane and black carbon. It also leads to deforestation and negative health impacts, causing an estimated 46,000 casualties every year in Bangladesh. Currently only 3 to 5 percent of households in the country use improved cook stoves.

The scaling up of investment in improved cook stoves will increase demand and help extend the existing supply chain. The project will provide technical assistance to support partner organizations and local entrepreneurs to produce improved cook stoves, raise awareness, and carry out research and development of the stoves. 

The project has an estimated lifespan of 3.5 years.

Project Information

Approval Date
March 2018
Starting Date
01 June 2018
Ending Date
31 December 2021
Executing Entity

Department of Finance, Bangladesh

Investment Data

$82.17 m

Total Project Investment

Financed by:
GCF Commitment
USD 20,000,000.00
GoB Commitment
USD 42,170,000.00
Other Commitment
USD 20,000,000.00
Other Commitment in Details
Co-financing IDA
USD 20,000,000.00


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