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Establishing and Strengthening the National Designated Authority (NDA)

Since the nomination of the Senior Secretary of the Economic Relations Division (ERD) as the NDA in Bangladesh in November 2014, selected senior officials in ERD are providing coordination and secretarial support to the NDA to fulfil the roles and responsibilities stipulated by the GCF. Strengthening of the NDA Secretariat will be essential to implement policy level decisions, set-up processes and mechanisms as well as coordinate effectively with key stakeholders. The need of institutional strengthening has been outlined in the Institutional and Capacity Assessment of NDA Secretariat conducted by the GIZ CF Ready Programme, which is already providing focused support to the NDA Secretariat. Based on the assessment, further support is required for which the following assistance from the GCF Readiness Support is being requested:

  • A dedicated website for the NDA Secretariat to effectively communicate and share information with the national and international stakeholders
  • An application/software embedded in the website for receiving and screening the project proposals/concept note, sharing with stakeholders, processing for the approval and submission to GCF
  • An electronic document management system for managing, sharing, and archiving documents, decisions, lessons learned and project information within the NDA Secretariat
  • Enhancing knowledge on international climate finance architecture with special focus on GCF and develop capacity for mobilizing fund for climate change activities
  • Support for setting up coherent procedures for A No-Objection for project proposals and nomination letters for NIE accreditation as well as an effective inter- ministerial coordination mechanism


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Project Information

Approval Date
October 2015
Starting Date
25 October 2015

Investment Data

$159.25 k

Total Project Investment

Financed by:
GCF Commitment
USD 159,250.00
GoB Commitment
Other Commitment
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