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Institutional and Capacity Assessment of the National Designated Authority (NDA) Secretariat of Bangladesh to the Green Climate Fund

The overarching objective of this Institutional and Capacity Assessment is to support the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) in establishing an efficient, lean and functional Secretariat, operated and managed by competent experts who are capable of performing the roles and responsibilities required by the GCF. The NDA Secretariat will be supported with strong oversight and a governance structure, with access to an Advisory Committee made up of a roster of experts selected from a range of public partners (the Ministry of Finance [MoF], Bangladesh Planning Commission [BPC], Ministry of Environment and Fisheries [MoEF] and the Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division [IMED]), private partners (social entrepreneurs, bankers, industry captains, investors), and community service organisation (CSO) partners (community- and faith-based organisations). This assignment seeks to assess the gaps, needs, opportunities and challenges in the setting up of the NDA Secretariat, with suggestions pertaining to its organisational structure in the short- and medium-term. These emerged from discussions with NDA Secretariat officials. Specifically, it assesses the institutional and human resources capacity of the current Secretariat in order to propose recommendations to further strengthen its existing capacity.

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